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Equipment & Facilities

Station 1
(Bellinger Station)

Built in 1974, located at 48 Main Street, on land donated to the District by the Bellinger Family.  It was our first Fire Station and is a Greer landmark. (This is not a staffed station)

This station houses:

  • B-171

  • B-172

  • 3 Snowmobiles

Station 2
(Leeds Station)

Built in 2000, located just outside the village to the north on highway 373, this is the Districts manned fire station. The Fire Chief's office and the Administration office is located here as well. Station 2 is also used by Greer for meetings and public voting.  


Our main water refill point is located here, with over 16,000 gallons of water available with the ability to fill a tender at 1000 gpm.  Additionally two snowmobiles are located at Station 2 to assist with search and rescue in the winter months. 


This station houses:

  • Engine 171

  • Engine 172

  • Tender 171

  • Tender 172

  • Utility 171

  • Utility 172

On May 23rd of 2009, Station 2 was dedicated to D.E. Leeds and the Leeds Family.

Fire Hoses

Firefighting Apparatus

Engine 171

2005 E-One type 1 structure engine, with  a 1000 gallon water tank and 1250 gpm pumping capability.  Engine 171 is our second line engine, and has a full compliment of equipment for structural fire fighting.

Engine 172

2008 HME Type 1 structure engine, with 1000 gallon water tank and a 1250 gpm pumping capability. Engine 172 is our newest engine and is the primary response unit for structure fires, medical calls and vehicle accidents within our initial response area.

Tender 172

3750 gallon tender.  It is used on initial response of large incidents to shuttle water.  It is also contracted to assist USFS and ASLD on major incidents. 

Tender 171

3750 gallon tender.  It is used on initial response for water source on all fire calls and is equipped with two three thousand gallon fold-a-tanks to draft water from. 

Brush 171

Type 3 wildland engine. This is our second out engine for wildland fires. In addition to wildland fires it also our second out structure fire engine. This engine has 600 gallon water tank and 750 gpm tank. This engine has a shorter wheel base than Engine 171 and 172 It is able to access some residents that the two larger engines may not. This engine is contracted with USFS & ASLD

Tender 173

Drafting tender, with 1200 gallon tender.  Its main use is to stage at a water resource point and draft water to refill our larger tenders that are shuttling water to the incident.

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